The Carol Burnett Show Companion: So Glad We Had This Time
Title : The Carol Burnett Show Companion: So Glad We Had This Time
ISBN : 1593931794
Author : Wesley Hyatt

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You’re probably still laughing. If you have seen The Carol Burnett Show, you remember the unbridled hilarity of the sketches performed by Carol, Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, Dick Van Dyke, Lyle Waggoner, and frequent guest stars Cass Elliot, Bernadette Peters, Paul Lynde, Eydie Gorme, Jim Nabors, Mel Torme, and Nancy Wilson. Discover the complete history of The Carol Burnett Show, from its origins as a potential series through later DVD releases. All 11 seasons and 276 episodes will enlighten, entertain, and bring back memories of the series’ from 1967 to 1978. Remember Went With the Wind, the famous Gone With The Wind lampoon? Relive those unforgettable laughs through the memories of many of the creative personnel, guests, and even network executives in 60 exclusive interviews and summaries of each season’s episodes. Author Wesley Hyatt takes you behind the scenes for revealing peeks at why the show switched time slots three times, how players changed roles during rehearsals, and how writers dreamed up certain skits. Relive the 25 Emmy Awards bestowed on cast and producers of one of the all-time best American television variety series. Featuring an Appendix of the top 30 shows. Index. Illustrated. About the author: Wesley Hyatt is the author of The Encyclopedia of Daytime Television (1997); The Billboard Book of Number One Adult Contemporary Hits (1999); Short-Lived Television Series, 1948-1978 (2003); A Critical History of Television’s The Red Skelton Show, 1951-1971 (2004); Emmy Award Winning Nighttime Television Shows, 1948-2004 (2006); Kicking Off The Week: A History of Monday Night Football on ABC Television, 1970-2005 (2007); and Television's Top 100: The Most Watched American Broadcasts, 1960-2010 (2011). He works as a writer and editor with Citrix in Raleigh, North Carolina, and serves as a regular contributor to Stu’s Show, an Internet radio interview show covering the entertainment industry.