The Moonling Prince (Volume 1)
Title : The Moonling Prince (Volume 1)
ISBN : 1942415303
Author : Wendy Rathbone

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Tahir is an empath and a healer. He has lived his whole life at the Onyx Temple. When the king from the Realm of the September Stars seeks his help, Tahir leaves his own world behind to answer the plea. Arulu is the crown prince of the September Stars, but he cannot serve. For twenty years he has suffered crippling pain, the side-effect of a splinter-bomb attack from unknown origins that destroyed the Realm’s home world, Lyric Prime. For two decades no one has been able to ease the prince’s suffering, until Tahir arrives. But nothing is ever easy. Haunted by ghosts and riddled with mistrust, Arulu is no normal patient. Can Tahir ever hope to earn Arulu’s trust? Will Arulu survive the aftermath and grief of the healing process? Love is the master of healing, but for Tahir and Arulu it is not an easy road.