Before the
Title : Before the "i DO"
ISBN : 1498463398
Author : Donovan Dee Donnell

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Are you my happily ever after? God said that he would make Adam someone *suitable for him ...this was Eve. What does "suitable" look like for you? Just like an actual suit you would wear, learn how to recognize a person who has been tailored to the specifics of your divine purpose. Gain insight on the unique relationship between Love and Logic that must be cultivated in order for you to be prepared for who has been prepared for you. This book is designed to walk you through some of the necessary steps of "preparing", so that you won't waste precious time "repairing", when you could be enjoying the fulness of what God said marriage should be. Learn the importance of adding "depth to your desire" and how to truly commit to the commitment. We don't plan to fail, we fail to prepare.             Donovan Dee Donnell: Professional Awyken "Life Coach"