Evan 3.5 (A Carter Brother Series) (Volume 3)
Title : [EPUB] Evan 3.5 (A Carter Brother Series) (Volume 3)
ISBN : 1523839511
Author : Miss Lisa Helen Gray

[EPUB] Evan 3.5 (A Carter Brother Series) (Volume 3)

Evan Smith has had his life planned out since the age of twelve. He knew what he wanted and knew how to get it. It’s only when his sister is kidnapped that he realises that the life he has isn’t the one he really wants. He wants more. Evan starts laying down roots and everything seems to be going well until a hot, tiny brunette with round brown eyes turns up at his doorstep. Not only does her beauty knock Evan off his feet, but what she comes to tell him alters his whole life. Kennedy may have given him news that shook him, but she also gave him the very thing he had wished for. But when someone threatens to break up the life he's always wanted, how will he handle it? Will he be able to keep them safe or will he be too late?