EKG Pocket Card
Title : EKG Pocket Card
ISBN : 1941004067
Author : APRN World

[DOWNLOAD] EKG Pocket Card

NEWLY REVISED EDITION WITH MORE INFORMATION AND MORE PAGES IN A TOTALLY REDESIGNED PLATFORM. INDIVIDUAL SHEETS ATTACHED ON METAL RING FOR EASY HANDLING AND BROWSING. THICKER PLASTIC MATERIAL THAN PREVIOUS VERSIONS. A comprehensive field reference for 12 lead EKG interpretation for medical and allied health students. Include valuable reference materials extending from images of various EKG wave forms to methods for identifying different cardiac disorders like bundle branch block, heart blocks etc. Also include information for identifying modes of pacemakers, coronary blood flow and EKG, effects of electrolyte imbalance in EKG. Beautifully crafted 4.25'' X 5.5'' sized ten sided pocket card printed on FLEXIBLE PLASTIC that can be wiped clean of dirt and finger prints and is ULTRA DURABLE FOR DAILY USE. Multicolored printing for easy reading. Summery of 12 lead EKG interpretation that helps the daunting task of EKG interpretation more simple and doable in the field.