The Semblance Of Love
Title : The Semblance Of Love
Author : Keith Smith,Jinnufer McCallion,Ricky Garcia,Ray Glanson

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We’ve all searched for that special someone, a person who we believe is our soul mate. Some of us are blessed, and we find that person, the one who seems to complete us. The sad reality is most of us are taken on loves emotional roller coaster time after time, we lay our hearts on the line, leaving our emotions exposed, bleeding, battered, bruised, and broken. We use whatever emotional strength we have left, as we try to prepare for the storm of loves heartache, that we know is headed our way. No matter how hard we struggle to move out of its path, most of the time we are left to deal with the destructive aftermath of a love lost. We opened our souls, only to be faced once more with the awful realization that the elusive thing called love has evaded us again. We mourn its lost. For a brief moment in time our souls and hearts had melded with another’s, only to watch as love slipped away into the abyss once more, leaving behind a shell of a person, an emotional wreck, left all alone. We try to gather the tattered pieces of our lives, and start the massive reconstruction of putting our broken hearts and souls back together. The sad truth, it is at those times in our lives we tend to throw or leap into a hole of self-destruction. We opened our hearts and soul, only to find out that once again we have not connected the way we wanted. The problem is Love has to be taken on faith. Love is elusive, we can't touch it, we can't hold it in our hands, instead, we must trust our hearts. Love is just a word and love don’t love nobody without it being attached to our spirits. Without that, all we have is a Semblance of Love. Rita Jones. Our lady red. In this tale of hit or miss love she was a loving wife and good mother. She loved her husband, but he loved the trappings of life more than he seemed to love her. She wanted freedom, the freedom to express herself. The freedom to love the way she wanted and to be loved how she wanted, she prayed to God for this. All I can say is, be careful what you pray for. You might just get it.Jeffery Carson. Arrogant playboy, or a man. He was trapped in bad childhood memories. What would it take for him to grow up? Lessons in love were painful, but living in the past, stuck in your own muck is even worse. He had to break free. Could he lower his standard long enough to be happy, or would his continued arrogance cause him to lose out on love. William Beasley. Great Pastor, Great Husband. Could a lapse in judgement and the world wide web lay him low, or would it open his eyes to what was really important in his life beside his God. In this life we must lean on those who are closest to us, and call on God for the strength to hold us up. Ms. Goodlove=Cougar. Will her untamed and animalistic sexuality cause her to lose out, not just on love, but on life as well. Can she be tamed by the good woman that lay dormant inside of her. Melinda Ann Brown? Brandon. Boy genius. or man trapped in a boy’s body. There is a saying that, you can learn something new every day. When it came to Brandon, what could you teach him that he didn’t already know.