One Life Of Lies (Volume 1)
Title : One Life Of Lies (Volume 1)
ISBN : 1523449349
Author : London Poitier

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One Life Of Lies is ah Tv show pilot put together by London Poitier. It is based on some San Francisco Bay Area residents in the year 2021. Kanye West is president, and Healthcare is free. But unfortunately Randy is cursed. Every girl he meets has one fatal flaw. Rather it’s a girl who thinks she’s the ghost of 9/11. Or ah girl who throws up, and passes out ever time she hears music. Randy has no luck with the ladies. Along with his asshole friends Jerome The Virgin, and Butch. Randy navigates the difficult world that is his life. Hopefully avoiding Tiffany Saunders Butch’s psycho ex prom date. Prepare for bad language, and tons of gay jokes. As these friends take turns humiliating each other for their own amusement.