Harbor City: Return to Source (Volume 2)
Title : Harbor City: Return to Source (Volume 2)
ISBN : 1522963758
Author : Edward R. Straka

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The Harbor City saga continues in the sequel Return to Source. Hong Kong, England’s Crown Colony, simmers from the violent events of the preceding months as Chief Superintendent Herbert Elston III continues his investigation to determine who was behind the deaths of three of Her Majesties’ civil servants. His key to the investigation lies with Sulin Dusheng, the infamous actress and sister of the Xiaolin Dusheng. As Syndicate head and casino owner across the Estuary in Macau, Dusheng battles against China’s Cultural Revolution that has exploded in violence and threatens his very existence. Meanwhile, a Hong Wei Bing student leader from the Mainland engages in a desperate coup to topple a leading Party figure in Foochow and is vaulted to national prominence in Mao’s new order. His reward: to lead the Revolution in Hong Kong itself! As Elston moves forward in the game of cat and mouse with the Chinese underworld, Hughie Sax, Taipan of Sax & Rohm Shipping, teeters on the edge of ruin. Enemies within the Sax family firm seek his removal and the takeover of his company, as do the local British and Chinese sea lords whose forbearers built Hong Kong centuries earlier, and fight for control of the Harbor City today. And then there’s Japan…