Title : Sanctuary
ISBN : 1517126347
Author : Timothy Patrick Kirby

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The third book in THE HABITUATOR TRILOGY will answer all of the questions and issues posed in the first two novels of this series: THE HABITUATOR and HABITAT. At the close of book two, HABITAT, Rusty Kellogg, and his sister, Jill Duffy, have been placed in a cavern below the earth, defeated and captured by the Sasquatch. What will be their fate? Will Jill ever see her family again? What do the Sasquatch intend to do with them? You will discover all the answers here, as you take the thrilling and shocking journey of a lifetime in this FINAL CHAPTER of my epic HABITUATOR TRILOGY. If you love Sasquatch terror, and/or enjoy macabre fiction, then look no further. You are Home. Welcome to my SANCTUARY! Pleasant Nightmares!!!