The Order of the Sage (After the Atoms Fall) (Volume 1)
Title : The Order of the Sage (After the Atoms Fall) (Volume 1)
ISBN : 1943549427
Author : Casey Robert Swanson

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In the distant past, a mighty war befell the world of Man. Poisons seeped into the earth. Dark clouds filled the sky. Mankind was posed to eradicate itself if a peaceful, spacefaring race known only as the Teachers had not intervened. The Teachers saw signs of their own troubled past in humanity. They helped preserve the vast knowledge of the world in a secret, sacred place and created a race of long-lived intellectuals to protect and guide humanity on its path towards rebirth. A thousand years have passed since then, and while the world is on its way towards recovery, a new evil has arisen that threatens mankind’s recuperating peace. The war’s toxins have bred a new strain of human—fast-growing, powerfully strong, and with a taste for the flesh of their fellow man. They soar on great war birds through the sky, farm human slaves for meat, and will not be satisfied until they’ve consumed everything in their path. War is imminent. The few remaining intellectuals know that a time of great change is upon the world, but their chosen few must face trial by fire, learn hidden secrets, and defeat the mutant menace before they can take their place as humanity’s future elite.smash