The Jovian Run: Sol Space Book One
Title : The Jovian Run: Sol Space Book One
Author : James Wilks

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The year is 2126. Mars and the Moon have been colonized, and mankind has begun to push out into the Jovian sector, the dark region of space beyond the asteroid belt rich with resources but also rife with danger.Clea Staples is the captain of Gringolet, a commuter vessel that ferries passengers and cargo for the corporations that finance off-world colonies and mining operations. She and her crew have just accepted a lucrative job that will take them from Earth to Mars, and then beyond to a tiny mining facility in orbit around distant Saturn.What they don’t know, however, is that all is not as it seems. There are forces at work even beyond the machinations of the corporations, and as a series of mishaps and seemingly chance encounters bring them ever closer to disaster, it becomes clear that Staples and her crew will need all of the skill, wit, and luck they can muster… or this Jovian run might be their last.