The Wizard of LA
Title : The Wizard of LA
ISBN : 1523477636
Author : Sabrina Resa,Steven Bergeron

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Within a fortress high on a hill the Wizard of LA looks down upon the City of Angels reflecting on an empire which has taken a lifetime of pulling strings to build. Then in an inconceivable turn of events, the Wizard’s world is threatened…by a scrawny teenage girl. In and out of foster homes most of her life, 17-year old Sarah Gage is world-weary and beaten down. When her beloved dog and only friend is taken away, her last vestige of hope is shattered. Determined to finally find peace, she starts toward Seattle to find her mother’s grave. Little does Sarah know she has inadvertently stolen something in her haste to run away. As pursuers take flight to capture her and regain the Wizard’s property, Sarah’s journey begins. As she runs, she comes face-to-face with grief, friendship, fear, love, and despair. Can the three friends she meets along the way help her discover the true meaning of home and family? Or will she run out of time?