4000 A.D. Scientist Rivalry: The Throne of Kepler Eagle
Title : 4000 A.D. Scientist Rivalry: The Throne of Kepler Eagle
ISBN : 1523285184
Author : Jesus Gagate Pedines Jr

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The coded formula was written in last page of his book. A book that only Tom can interpret. It will remain a secret until someone as intelligent as him comes along and has the ability to break that code. Only then can it be improved or innovated upon. Only then can there be found a new formula that develops Tom’s formula beyond its current perfection. This is where the story of Tom begins, in the year 4000 A.D. Part of the destruction of Tom’s worldwas the loss of his wife. However, he was fortunate that his son, Gordon and his daughter, Mary survived the destruction. At the time of the blast, Gordon was two while Mary was only one year old. Tom, desperate with the loss of his wife, and feeling the emotional weight of the billions of dead, decided that the only safe place remaining for himself and the kids was within the shelter of the planet. So, he began digging a hole to retreat to. Desperation was his first guide, then the project took on a more thoughtful turn, as it became a sophisticated underground shelter. From the nearby NASA facility where Tom worked, he began gathering and collecting metal scraps, nuts and bolts. This facility was where NASA was planning and assembling the construction of their new Starship X. This was the latest, most efficient and durable space ship ever. The technology for creating these metals was the best on the planet. The purity and strength of these materials would become the stuff of legends. Tom had thousands of errors and failures during the process of his invention, but he didn’t stop pursuing his goal and purpose. Instead, he persevered, thinking … trying this and trying that, until his invention was perfected. Tom had a pet eagle named “Eagle Eye” and a white rat named “Bobby Rat”. They both had many “trials” of his invention, which left them highly enhanced with mental advancements outside the bounds of the normal evolution for these creatures.