Paleo Diet Comfort Foods: Yuca and Plantain
Title : Paleo Diet Comfort Foods: Yuca and Plantain
Author : Charlotte Dubin

[DOWNLOAD] Paleo Diet Comfort Foods: Yuca and Plantain

Do you miss eating regular comfort foods? Well, now you can have it, but in a Paleo Diet and Gluten free way!! You can find in Paleo Comfort Foods Recipes: Yuca and Plantain appetizers, side dishes and casseroles.Discover how to prepare delicious meals that are comforting and can be shared with friends and family in a nutritious way. These recipes feature affordable ingredients, which are wholesome. Each of these recipes is gluten free and many are also:• Nut-free• Dairy-free• Oat-free• Yeast-free• Vegan• VegetarianThis recipe book was written thinking of you, to discover these two ingredients and how creative a meal can become in a Paleo and Gluten free dish.Once you try Yuca and Plantain, you will find they are tasty and easy to make. Yuca is an excellent source of non-inflammatory carbohydrate. Yuca provides the qualities of white potatoes without the problematic effects of nightshade vegetables.Green Plantains are lower in sugar and yellow plantains can be a tasty dessert. And guess what?? They are Paleo and Gluten Free.You will never eat a boring meal again!!So…get ready…download your book and start enjoying your new meals!!Enjoy the journey!.