The M'errie Wives of Mustapha
Title : The M'errie Wives of Mustapha
Author : Rali Ikiebe

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The story begins summation by telling us how mustapha’s marital journey began, and evolved The title is deliberately dialectical, and sets the tone of encapsulating the irony of relationships within this partnership. Are the wives merry or miserable? This is what drives the plot in the story. The plot reveals ‘a mosaic of conflicts, motives, dreams, proclivities, dishonesties, vanities, insecurities, desires,…virtues, and mindsets that make up part of the context of fictional characters’ as well as non-fictional characters. It reveals the labyrinthine activities of Mahirat. The story follows a trajectory path from the beginning and ‘through the combination of imagery, description, inner life, scenery and language ‘ the reader is engaged to ‘see’ the progression of Mustapha’s marital status. The anticipation of conflict is embedded in the narrative from the onset and is slowly released. The plot reveals how the ‘skirmishes’ among the wives, through the collusion of their personalities and events, became the crescendo and eventual turning point of events.