My Labyrinth Walk: A Journey to Peace
Title : My Labyrinth Walk: A Journey to Peace
ISBN : B01A4ST710
Author : Heather Green

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In “My Labyrinth Walk” the author shares her journey, through mystical experience, to find harmony, balance and inner healing through valleys of challenge and pain to reach the hills of joy and freedom – the core of the true self variably referred to as Love, Life, Light, God, Infinite Wisdom and Higher Intelligence.She relates the stages of life on the spiritual path to growth in nature, recounted in the form of stories with lessons learned, poems and insights, with each stride in consciousness leading to her life’s purpose, and the living of it.A prime example is her commitment to a vision received at a peace conference in the United States - to initiate business and community workshops for the conference facilitator in South Africa in April 1994, a time when the country was in the crucible of change, with Nelson Mandela’s victory as South Africa’s first Black president. Mandela would become an icon of world peace.It is said that each individual at peace makes an incalculable contribution to global harmony.Support from the author’s inner Voice has been with her ever since, catapulting her into tests of faith which have led to inner strength and an unshakable confidence in the goodness of Life.Her intention is that, through this series of vignettes , readers will find a hint of encouragement and inspiration on their own individual journeys through life.