Monster: Book 1: A Suspenseful Romance
Title : Monster: Book 1: A Suspenseful Romance
Author : Brittany Adams

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MONSTER is a Suspenseful Romance Series for mature readers. All 5 books are now available for purchase, individually or as a boxed set.From the moment I laid eyes on him, Perry Walsh was a god to me.He was my beginning and my end, the sadist to my masochist, and I wanted him more than I wanted to breathe.He had it all—looks, money, a future with his father’s multi-billion dollar marketing firm… and a wife.A wife.I spent four years waiting for him, hoping against hope that he would see the error of his ways and divorce her once and for all so he and I could be together. We belonged in each other’s arms. Openly. Not in secret. He was the only man I ever loved and the only man I wanted to be with. But after four years of hiding as the other woman, I was starting to think he was the one man I would never have.Until I met his father, Alex Walsh, and then something happened. Something I can’t explain.You see, Alex promised me I could have Perry, that I could have everything I wanted and more.If I would just do this one, little thing for him...PLEASE NOTE: This is book 1 of a 5-part series. It is just over 22,000 words and ends with a brutal cliffhanger.