Gron's Fate: Warriors of Vanu
Title : Gron's Fate: Warriors of Vanu
Author : L.A. Thompson

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The heir to the throne, Gron Tor'Kel Ra'Dor was expected to take a bride by his fortieth cycle but had not given a bride much thought. Tricked by his parents into actively seeking a wife, attacked by pirates and crash landing on a primitive planet known as Earth, Gron discovers the one thing he least expected to find...his fated mate. After rescuing his mate from two separate attacks, he carries her off only to find that he had a lot to learn about females, especially his little female.A self-professed introvert, Mabel Karr concentrates on her one love...anthropology. Determined to show that ancient alien civilizations once influenced ancient Earth civilizations, Mabel buries herself in her research and, on one fateful night, ignores her own safety. Attacked by three men, she finds herself rescued by a man unlike any she had ever seen. Positive that he is an alien, Mabel hides Gron in her apartment and is determined to see him safely on his way. When he comes to her rescue a second time, she finds herself on his spaceship bound for another planet where she finds her rescuer is royalty and has plans to make her his bride.