High Voltage (Ramsey Security Book 3)
Title : High Voltage (Ramsey Security Book 3)
Author : Bijou Hunter

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Contemporary RomanceThe moment I meet the chauvinistic Dino, I plan to either hump him or beat him into submission. Likely both.My name is Minka, and I like to be in control. I'm looking for a sensitive man capable of allowing me to call the shots. Instead I'm lusting over a big-mouth, sexy as hell retired mob hitman. For months, I've avoided the jerk and my craving for his hot bod. Now we're alone on a job in a town with nothing to do except roll around naked.Shifting loyalties, dodging bullets, spilling blood - nothing on this assignment is as scary as my growing desire for Dino.High Voltage is a standalone romance. Containing graphic sexual content and harsh language, the book is only appropriate for adult readers age 18+.