Lights Out: by Ted Koppel - Key Summary & Analysis
Title : Lights Out: by Ted Koppel - Key Summary & Analysis
ISBN : 1523488816
Author : Adam Green

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Lights Out by Ted Koppel - Key Summary & Analysis There exists a question about how probable that is. The guide of Koppel estimates the pessimists and optimists but does of separating details from fiction an unhealthy task. " Lights Out " lacks concentration. Koppel contends the energy grid is vulnerable to a cyberattack. He points to not enough business safety criteria, how seldom anybody seems able to preserving established hackers from a PC and how energy firms are influenced by the other person to get and transfer energy. Nonetheless he offers no examples of prosperous cyberattacks from the electrical market. His competition is the fact that since info has been stolen by hackers from Sony and suppliers, then there is on our energy a digital strike imminent. " Lights Out " accounts that Russia and China have the technological power to crack the U.S. power grid, however the guide points out that this assault be part of combat or would constitute an act of war itself. If America are at conflict with China or Russia, then we have troubles greater than a blackout. Even in the case of such an assault, Koppel reviews, it is unclear the blackout would be more than separated. The failures he does cite were a direct result natural problems. Learn more about the book by reading it.