Kant's Theory of Knowledge
Title : Kant's Theory of Knowledge
ISBN : 1522983937
Author : H. A. Prichard

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“A careful study….Entitled to much credit for the scholarly analysis of the Kantian argument that he has made….The thirteen chapters of this book deal with the sensibility and understanding, space and time, phenomena and noumena, knowledge and reality, the categories, the analogies of experience, and the postulates of empirical thought, as well as some general considerations of the ‘problem of the ’Critique.’ There is every evidence of a careful and thoughtful study of the ‘Critique’ under consideration. It stimulates new thought concerning Kant. Mr. Prichard has kept in mind a strict epistemological viewpoint. Exclusive attention gives a clean-cut structure of this kind wherein the various parts bear a close and definite relation to each other. -The Journal of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Methods, January, 1910 CONTENTS CHAPTER I The Problem of the Critique CHAPTER II The Sensibility and the Understanding CHAPTER III Space CHAPTER IV Phenomena and Things in Themselves NOTE The First Antinomy CHAPTER V Time and Inner Sense CHAPTER VI Knowledge and Reality CHAPTER VII The Metaphysical Deduction of the Categories CHAPTER VIII The Transcendental Deduction of the Categories CHAPTER IX General Criticism of the Transcendental Deduction of the Categories CHAPTER X The Schematism of the Categories CHAPTER XI The Mathematical Principles CHAPTER XII The Analogies of Experience CHAPTER XIII The Postulates of Empirical Thought NOTE The Refutation of Idealism