Heathens and Liars of Lickskillet County: A Novel
Title : Heathens and Liars of Lickskillet County: A Novel
Author : Derek Berry

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The first black mayor of Lickskillet, South Carolina, has been murdered in one of the town’s affluent gated communities. Shortly after, Declin Ostrander comes to town.Declin's father is a corporate lawyer representing the interests of the Knights of Southern Heritage. On the surface, the Knights claim to support freedom for all. Scratch the thin veneer, however, and the organization reveals itself as just another hate group.Declin’s father came to Lickskillet to defend a member accused of the mayor’s murder. To Declin, it’s the same old story—new town, new school, new him. He has become an expert in the art of reinventing himself. If he doesn’t like the persona he creates, in a few months he’ll be on the road again, traveling to yet another bigoted community. Lying about his past one of the few hobbies he can enjoy.This time is going to be different. With fellow seniors Blaine, Aaron, Charlotte, Cass, and Elizabeth, Declin will find himself intimately involved in Lickskillet’s web of hate and deceit. He’s reinvented himself time and time again—but this time, Declin might just stumble onto the beginnings of his true self.