Remembering Eternity: Volume 1: The Sun Inside
Title : Remembering Eternity: Volume 1: The Sun Inside
Author : Richard Dietrich Maddox

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"Remembering Eternity" is the world's longest spiritual novel and the seventh-longest novel ever written. But don't worry, it's broken up into three separate volumes and into quickly read "Time Zones." The novel is a spiritual odyssey, which traces the evolution of a human soul from its early childhood innocence to adolescent romanticism, and from there to early adult competitiveness and middle-aged inner exploration. The book covers the landscapes of the sterile suburban 1950s, the rebellious '60s and '70s, and the materialistic '80s."Remembering Eternity" describes its protagonist's journey to a resolution of the "big questions" of life: What is its meaning? Why do people suffer? Why does injustice exist? What happens when human beings die?The novel takes the reader on a remarkable ride around the world and through time. Travel with the hero, Skylar Seequn, as he meets an enlightened Master, spends time with a group of young women whose celestial perception allows to perceive angels, and gets kidnapped by a pistol-toting redneck. Journey with him to outlandish rock festivals, palatial hotels, and brilliant soirees. Ride with him on a youthful, exhilarating cross-country exploration. Join him in lectures by world-famous academics.See behind the scenes of the South Florida nightlife. Visit startup companies in Silicon Valley as they take their first steps to success. Observe the intrigue and politicking that goes on between venture capitalists and company executives.The tableaux of "Remembering Eternity" are striking and remarkable and will stay with the reader forever.