Amanecer, nadie y tú (Spanish Edition)
Title : Amanecer, nadie y tú (Spanish Edition)
ISBN : 8416118191
Author : Alberto Trinidad

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Jan Ungría, after having irrevocably decided to abandon his writing, finds himself stuck in a claustrophobic room, forced to write. In this strange place, he recalls his existence in hopes to analyze the causes that have brought him into this situation: his passion for literature, his life as half of a couple, the relationship he maintains with society, and, above all, his growing obsession with the work of Miroslav Micir, a cursed writer from the 19th century. This novel's narrations and identities go deep into each other as infinite nesting dolls. The book delves into the themes of duality, transgressing limits, and the role of art in reality, and it questions where life and love actually occur.