Special Forces Sniper Training and Employment
Title : Special Forces Sniper Training and Employment
ISBN : 1626544646
Author : Special Operations Command

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The Special Forces sniper is a selected volunteer specially trained in advanced marksmanship and field craft skills. He can support special operations missions and is able to engage selected targets from concealed positions at ranges and under conditions that are not possible for the normal rifleman. This field manual provides doctrinal guidance on the mission, personnel, organization, equipment, training, skills, and employment of the Special Forces sniper. It describes those segments of sniping that are unique to Special Forces soldiers and those portions of conventional sniping that are necessary to train indigenous forces. It is intended for use by commanders, staffs, instructors, and soldiers at training posts, United States Army schools, and units. This manual addresses three distinct audiences: Commanders - It provides specific guidance on the nature, role, candidate selection, organization, and employment of sniper personnel. Trainers - It provides a reference for developing training programs. Snipers - It contains detailed information on the fundamental knowledge, skills, and employment methods of snipers throughout the entire operational continuum. The most common measurements that the sniper uses are expressed throughout the text and in many cases are US standard terms rather than metric. Appendix A consists of conversion tables that may be used when mission requirements or environments change.