Army Field Manual FM 22-100 (the U.S. Army Leadership Field Manual)
Title : Army Field Manual FM 22-100 (the U.S. Army Leadership Field Manual)
ISBN : 1626544298
Author : The United States Army

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This edition of the "US Army Leadership Field Manual (FM 22-100)" establishes a unified leadership theory for all Army leaders based on the Army leadership framework and three leadership levels. Specifically, it- Defines and discusses Army values and leader attributes. Discusses character-based leadership. Establishes leader attributes as part of character. Focuses on improving people and organizations for the long term. Outlines three levels of leadership-direct, organizational, and strategic. Identifies four skill domains that apply at all levels. Specifies leadership actions for each level. The Army leadership framework brings together many existing leadership concepts by establishing leadership dimensions and showing how they relate to each other. Solidly based on BE, KNOW, DO-that is character, competence, and action-the Army leadership framework provides a single instrument for leader development. Individuals can use it for self-development. Leaders can use it to develop subordinates. Commanders can use it to focus their programs. By establishing leadership dimensions grouped under the skill domains of values, attributes, skills, and actions, the Army leadership framework provides a simple way to think about and discuss leadership. The Army is a values-based institution. This field manual establishes and clarifies those values. Army leaders must set high standards, lead by example, do what is legally and morally right, and influence other people to do the same. They must establish and sustain a climate that ensures people are treated with dignity and respect and create an environment in which people are challenged and motivated to be all they can be. This field manual discusses these aspects of leadership and how they contribute to developing leaders of character and competence.