Karmic Dance: A Spiritual Journey Through Verbal Abuse
Title : Karmic Dance: A Spiritual Journey Through Verbal Abuse
ISBN : 1627471782
Author : Holly E. Messick

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Karmic Dance -- A Spiritual Journey through Verbal Abuse is a memoir about the author's second marriage which she eventually realized was a karmic relationship. Holly and Terry met in high school and dated for four years. During the first three years they dated each other exclusively, but as Holly's view of the world expanded, her mother's words that she should date other boys finally made sense. Even after they began to date other people, they continued to date each other. Then Holly met the young man who would become her first husband.Both Holly and Terry married other people, had children, and built happy, successful lives for themselves. But at the end of twenty years, both of them were on the edge of divorce. When Holly returned home to Columbus, Ohio for her 20th high school reunion, they reconnected. Five months later, Holly moved back to Ohio and they began their life together.Without their awareness, they began to play out the karmic relationship that they came into this lifetime to experience. Terry had learned to be a controller who used verbally abusive behaviors. Holly had learned to be a victim and a people pleaser.Several years into their marriage, Holly had a spiritual "Aha" moment. As she learned and grew spiritually, she began to explore past life regressions. It was during these experiences that she saw several past lifetimes where she and Terry had played out the same type of relationship. It was then that she realized that they were in a karmic relationship.Karmic Dance shows how their abusive relationship escalated into a crisis which resulted in ending the negative karma. What follows is how they were able to put their marriage back together and create a relationship that enabled them to transcend the negative karma.