Hypnotic Amnesia
Title : Hypnotic Amnesia
ISBN : 1517055369
Author : LeeAllure

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Begin a Journey You'll Never Forget Hypnosis unlocks so many secrets in your mind - it opens up new vistas and brings new and undiscovered pleasures. But can you use hypnosis to trick your own mind? Can you use hypnosis to make yourself forget what just happened, what's going to happen, where you are, or even where you are? Hypnotist LeeAllure and her subject, D.J. Pynchon embarked on a challenging series of experiments, using hypnosis to discover if hypnotic amnesia can be imbued in a skeptical mind. This book contains the transcripts from those experiments and presents the various methods, techniques, tips and tricks that you can use to explore and create hypnotic amnesia for yourself. Whether you're just curious about recreational hypnosis or it's a long-standing interest of yours, you will find something compelling in their journey and in the wide array of approaches to the subject. Your adventure begins in three, two, one...