MC: Brighton: Book 8
Title : MC: Brighton: Book 8
Author : L. Ann Marie

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Recruited by the best when he tried to hack into the MC and got the shit kicked out of him, his life has been behind the computer for them. He’s been with the Brotherhood since he was seventeen, he learned what taking care of their own means, he learned what seeing everyone for what they contribute means, he learned what kind of man he wants to be and he excelled at getting there. As a valued part of the MC, the head of High Security IT, he’s trained with his Brothers for everything; everything except Penny. Digs can’t say no, when the MC asks you to do something the only answer is ‘when do I start.’ He likes his body parts right where they are so he takes the order to move closer to the crazy Brothers without complaint. He likes breathing so he takes the new job offer/order without resistance. With the threat of dying in his sleep or another Brother staying with Penny, he does that too. After one date, that turns his bike into a pile of parts, he is moved into Penny’s house to watch over her and keep her safe from her stalking ex. Keeping Penny safe from her ex is no problem for the new High Security Officer. Keeping her safe from him is another story. Digs dark thoughts of rough sex, rope play and a dirty mouth keep him on edge with his not so innocent Penny. Penny was brutally abused by her ex, she’s been away from him and safe in the MC backyard for years. He still tries to get at her but the MC’s new tracking program and her cover in Officer protection keeps him from getting close. It’s time for her to start a new life and go on a date, she had no idea it would turn out to be the date that never ends. Plagued by thoughts of Digs owning her Penny has her work cut out for her just to reach normal. Learning how to function as a couple, but not owned, is a trying and stressful experience. Can she do it before she pushes him away?