Valentine Kisses: Regency Romantics 2016 Valentine Edition
Title : Valentine Kisses: Regency Romantics 2016 Valentine Edition
Author : Melinda Hammond,Wendy Soliman

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An Anthology of Five Regency Romances from bestselling authors.One Snowy Night by Amanda GrangeWhen snow drives Rebecca’s carriage off the road she is forced to take shelter at an inn, where she meets the impossible Joshua Kelling. Rebecca refuses to marry him in order to protect her reputation and is horrified to later discover that they have both been left equal shares in a mill. It is only when his life is in danger that she knows her own heart, and comes to understand his. Lady Eleanor’s Secret by Fenella J. MillerLady Eleanor feels destined to forever endure the misery of living as an unpaid governess to her brother Edward’s children – until she meets Alexander, Lord Bentley. But Edward is determined to keep them apart as he needs Eleanor’s inheritance to fund his gambling debts. The Dream Chasers by Melinda HammondWhen Vivyan Lagallan decides that it is time to settle down, Fate has other ideas, and one last adventure literally drops into his arms in the form of the spirited Miss Eustacia Marchant. Eustacia is determined to marry Rupert Alleyne, while Vivyan is engaged to the beautiful and highly respectable Helen Pensford. The ensuing tangle threatens the happiness of them all, unless Eustacia's final, audacious plan succeeds! A Duke By DefaultWhen Marc Rothwell unexpectedly inherits a dukedom he sets about finding a suitable wife in order to produce an heir. Caught in a compromising position with Miss Harriet Aston, Marc proposes. But she appears determined to make him fall in love with her, even though he makes it perfectly clear that theirs will be a marriage of convenience. Can Marc ensure the safety of his wilfully disobedient wife before his enemies strike again? A Chance Gone ByIs there a chance for Marianne when Justin’s long-awaited betrothal goes awry, throwing the family into scandal? She long ago abandoned hope, hiding her heart in a friendship sealed in childhood. Nothing matters if Justin loves her. But does he? It seems the prospect of marital intimacy will drive them apart, not bring them closer. Can the tangle of love and friendship ever be unravelled?