Her Big Bad Polar Bear (Polar Bear Express Series Book 1)
Title : Her Big Bad Polar Bear (Polar Bear Express Series Book 1)
Author : KD Jones

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Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. M/F*****The most exciting thing that has happened to research assistant Andrea "Andy" Johnson is getting a paper cut, but everything changes when her bosses send her out to do field work in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. She is on the verge of making the discovery of a lifetime, but she’ll have to outsmart her conniving co-worker and ignore her sexy and dangerous arctic guide.Cosmo is furious that his home is once again, invaded by want-to-be scientists. All they care about is discovering the secrets of the North Pole and becoming famous. He just wants his Polar bear shifter clan to be left in peace. The moment Andy Johnson stepped into his office, he knew she would be trouble. It wasn't just her intelligence and her suspicion of him—his bear wanted to rub against her in the worst, and best, way possible. He would have to work extra hard to keep his growing desire for the little human under control while keeping his clan's secrets hidden.Can Andy keep her mind on her job despite the distractions that Cosmo brings? Will Cosmo let Andy walk away when everything in him demands that he claim her? Find out what happens when love takes them on the Polar Bear Express. ***EXCERPTAndy got up and made her way slowly toward Cosmo. “You’re okay?”He turned to close the cabin door, taking in deep breaths. “I’m fine, except for coming back and finding that weasel touching you. Why did you let him in?”She stopped and stared at him in shock. He was blaming her for Denny? “I thought he was you. He came for the notes and I don’t have to explain myself to you. You can leave now!” She pointed to the door.“Did you ever date him? Sleep with him?” He stalked closer to her.She backed up slowly, putting the kitchen table between them. “It’s none of your business, but yes, I went on one date with him. It was months ago and I refused to go out with him again.”“Well, did you tell him that? He seems to think you two are an item.”“Again, it’s none of your business.” She crossed her arms over her chest. She underestimated that he had really long arms.He growled. “I’m making it my business.” He reached over the table and grabbed her arm firmly, gently pulling her over the table to him. He turned her around to face him, but he kept her on the table. He stepped between her legs.“Whoa. What are you doing?”“Claiming what’s mine.”