Tremontaine: Arrivals (Episode 1)
Title : Tremontaine: Arrivals (Episode 1)
Author : Ellen Kushner,Katherine Kellgren,Nick Sullivan,Sarah Mollo-Christiansen,Serial Box

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A new sun rises on the lives and fates of four players in this game of wit and intrigue. Duchess Diane de Tremontaine, the crowning gem of her city's high class, sits in her manor's window on The Hill and looks over her domain with eyes that cut and a mind that schemes. From below, and far away from the glitz of wealth, a poor country farm girl named Micah looks only toward her family, the harvest, and the complex web of math that entrances her. At the Docks, Ixkaab Balam surveys that same city from the deck of her family's merchant vessel and sees a land to manipulate for fortune and fun. And at the University, a passionate scholar named Rafe bristles at the classism that dictates his world and harbors revolution in his blood.