Tremontaine: Heavenly Bodies (Episode 3)
Title : Tremontaine: Heavenly Bodies (Episode 3)
Author : Joel Derfner,Katherine Kellgren,Nick Sullivan,Sarah Mollo-Christiansen,Ellen Kushner,Serial Box

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Sex, intrigue, and murder spice the latest installment in the stunning new prequel to Ellen Kushner's beloved Riverside saga. Rafe's academic troubles grow worse, but he finds comfort in surprising places. When Micah plunges into mathematical calculations that threaten to expose trade secrets long held close by Kaab's people, Kaab must do some quick thinking of her own. Meanwhile, Diane seeks to involve the house Balam in her intrigues, and the river yields up a mystery of its own. This episode is brought to you by Joel Derfner, who dials up the heat in our play of passions.