Last Chance (Sweet Valley High Book 36)
Title : Last Chance (Sweet Valley High Book 36)
Author : Francine Pascal

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Johanna Porter is a high school drop-out who has spent her time working various jobs including being a waitress. However, after the death of her mother, she comes across her mother's journal in the attic and is devastated to read about her mother's views on her dropping out of school and so vows to go back. Johanna found it difficult to be back as a member of the student body since everyone's talking about her and labeling her as a drop-out. She also has to come to terms with her long-time crush Peter DeHaven--a brilliant science student who is considered to be one of the brainiest guys in school, and who's surprisingly dating superficial cheerleader Amy. She finds solace in Elizabeth and confides in her that she and Peter are secretly seeing each other but is hurt when she thinks that Liz has betrayed her after Amy finds out. Angry and disappointed when Peter scrawls a note stating that they shouldn't see each other anymore, Johanna finds that this is the final straw and drops out of school for good. Elizabeth tells Peter what has happened and he is torn about what to do, on the one hand he deeply cares for Johanna yet, on the other, he is too scared to let these feelings show. Will Peter be able to persuade Johanna to return or is she destined to feel like a failure forever?