A Cowboy for Christmas
Title : A Cowboy for Christmas
Author : Marcia Lynn McClure

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Excerpt:A very loud pounding on the door startled everyone then.“Well, who on earth could that be at this hour? And in this weather?” Lottie asked. “I swear, that knockin’ nearly startled me right out of my skin!”“Me too, Mama,” Savannah agreed. In fact, her heart was still racing.“We aren’t expectin’ anyone, are we, Lottie?” Bill asked.“No. Not at all,” Lottie said. Savannah watched as Bill quickly strode toward the door. He grabbed the rifle he’d set next to it when he’d entered earlier and then called, “Hello? Who’s that?”A deep, masculine voice answered from the other side of the door. “Mr. Dickerson? It’s me, Trenner Barnett. Do you remember me, sir?”“Trenner Barnett?” Bill mumbled, frowning as he immediately pulled the bolt on the door and opened it.A gust of merciless wind and blowing snow whooshed into the house in the wake of the man who stepped in....