Crimson (The Crimson Series Book 1)
Title : Crimson (The Crimson Series Book 1)
Author : Natasha Collins

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17-year-old Abigail Benjamin is an only child to one of the wealthiest families in London during the end of the 19th century. Abigail is not like the other girls in London's elite circle. She is high-spirited and strongly opinionated, much to the displeasure of most people in her life. Which makes her life turn upside down when she discovers about a month before her 18th birthday that she has been in a secret engagement to Mr. Thomas Fitzgerald since before she was born. Abigail has always despised the idea of arranged marriage and contemplates running away one night when she meets Gabriel Malkin, a poor man trying to steal her horse. She unexpectedly see's Gabriel several times before her marriage to Thomas Fitzgerald, but after a night of passion she believes she will never see him again. After Abigail weds Thomas, Gabriel Malkin shows up in an unforeseen way at her new home, and her once charming husband shows his inner demons by being abusive towards his new bride.The plot has many twist and turns such as Abigail finding out Gabriel Malkin is not who he claims to be,or how the Fitzgerald family has been hiding scandalous secrets that could ruin their reputation.Will Abigail ever find true happiness when everyone she knows is living a lie?WARNING: This book contains graphic physical/sexual violence and strong language