Starlight Magic (Northstar Romances Book 9)
Title : Starlight Magic (Northstar Romances Book 9)
Author : Suzie O'Connell

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Artist Celeste Dawson is in desperate need of a tranquil place where she can rebuild herself, and for that, there is no place better than Northstar, Montana, and no one more adept at soothing her troubled soul than single father Brodie Dunn and his adorable little boy, Brendan.Two months after the tragic end of Celeste’s marriage, the heartbreak continues. Her career is in jeopardy, her emotional state is deteriorating, and she has no will to engage in the activities that were once her escape from the world. With the help of her best friend, she decides it’s time for a Northstar-style intervention with the hope that two months of skiing, solitude, and a New Year’s resolution will give her the fresh start she needs.Brodie knows Celeste is going to be trouble right from the get-go, but he’s irresistibly drawn to the pain in her eyes—he knows it too well himself to stand by and let it consume her. On the starlit eve of the saddest day of his life, he made a promise to laugh instead of cry and to help any wounded heart he comes across. He’s sure that same attitude, his irresistably charming son, and maybe a little starlight magic will do wonders for Celeste… if his apparent inability to take anything seriously doesn’t drive her mad first.Enjoy the spirit of the holidays with the newest series of Suzie O'Connell's cozy, heartfelt Northstar Romances.The NORTHSTAR ROMANCES by series:NORTHSTAR ANGELS: Mountain Angel (Book 1) Summer Angel (Book 2) Wild Angel (Book 3) Forgotten Angel (Book 4) HAMMOND BROTHERS: First Instinct (Book 1) Twice Shy (Book 2) Once Burned (Book 3)Last Surrender (Book 4) - Coming 2016NORTHSTAR HOLIDAYSMistletoe Kisses (Book 1)Starlight Magic (Book 2)A NOTE ON THE CONTENT: The NORTHSTAR ROMANCES are contemporary romances and contain sensual scenes and mild profanity that may be unsuitable for sensitive readers.