Oh Shit! Let's Color Sweary Mandalas: Sweary Word Mandalas for Adult Coloring Fun & Relaxation
Title : Oh Shit! Let's Color Sweary Mandalas: Sweary Word Mandalas for Adult Coloring Fun & Relaxation
ISBN : 1523671866
Author : Kim A. Flodin

[DOWNLOAD] Oh Shit! Let's Color Sweary Mandalas: Sweary Word Mandalas for Adult Coloring Fun & Relaxation

See what's inside: youtube.com/watch?v=01s7U9NeR6Q"Oh Shit! Let's Color Sweary Mandalas" is my answer to numerous requests from friends, family and even strangers asking for me to jump into the best-selling sweary coloring book niche'! I have now truly gone into the "adult coloring book" business. LOLI get that swearing isn't for everyone and certainly not for everyone to color and I have no intention of offending anyone and apologize in advance if I do. However, I confess to being quite sweary myself at times and have found swearing to be both cathartic and empowering at various points in my life. I respect swearing and I love coloring...so after some consideration and one last request to PLEEEEEEEZE do a sweary coloring book for adults, I agreed. And, I loved creating this. I sincerely hope it becomes a bestseller because this book is so fun, joy-filled and happy. This is my third stress-relieving mandala book, I've sort of created my own version of the mandala. Mandalas are beautiful and amazing, but I've never really enjoyed coloring them...too stiff, too perfect somehow for my taste. So when I found a way to make an outline of a mandala and fill it with my own flowy art - and in the case of this fun adult coloring book, a few choice sweary words and phrases - now that was really exciting and the results were delightful! Super fun to create and more importantly, color! The Fun & Sweary Phrases Included Are: Oh Shit!, Fuck It , Fuck This, Bullshit, I Call Shit,Dickhead, Fucktard, Asshole, Dipshit, Holy Shit,Dammit, Motherfucker,Wanker, Bugger Off, Fuck You, Son of a Bitch, Fuck, Piss, Damn, Piss Off,Fuck Off, Shit, Fuck Yeah, Fuckin' A, Crap, DratBook Highlights: 26 Hand-Drawn, All Original Sweary Mandala Designs Sweary Mandalas for Assorted Skill Levels Single Side Printing on White PaperStress-Relieving Patterns Book Side Effects:JoyLaughterRelaxationLightheartedness, more...About Me:As an intuitive energy healer, I infuse all my art with healing energy, lots of love and loads of positive intention for you to experience whatever healing, stress relief, meditation, relaxation, joy, gratitude, peace or whatever it is you need while coloring these whimsical, unique and sweary mandala designs. These sweary word mandalas truly will provide hours of stress-relieving fun. Awesome for all adults, but especially recommended for those with PTSD, anxiety or anger issues. I hope you enjoy coloring them as much as I enjoyed creating them.Visit kelekilove.com for free coloring pages and my recommendations for coloring supplies!