HEARTSPACE: Letters To My Mother
Title : HEARTSPACE: Letters To My Mother
ISBN : 992490030
Author : Judy Taylor


Judy’s honest sharing of feelings shows we are not alone in our grief; that our feelings are a normal and natural part of life no matter how difficult it may be at the time. Now, five years after her mother’s death, and with this, her second book, Judy takes us on the next part of the journey. “… The focus is less on dwelling on loss and more on living a full and meaningful life. Lessons we learn from our deceased loved ones are priceless in showing us how to live in the moment and be truly present. It's to Judy's credit that she opens her heart so that we can heal ours.” Rose Inserra, Best Selling author - ‘Dictionary of Dreams’ “Jude’s writing is directly from the heart. Her new book, ‘Heartspace…’ is full of raw emotion, honesty and vulnerability. Jude gives us all permission to fully connect with, embrace and express all aspects of loss, grief and coming to terms with losing a loved one. Her first book has touched lives around the world and I have no doubt that this will do the same.” Alison Burton, Director - Simply Natural Therapies