Living While Black In America
Title : Living While Black In America
ISBN : 1682379418
Author : Marshall Campbell

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This book could be the story of any number of Black Americans in this country, and this is the story of one of them. It is a story that tells of the hardship, the bigotry, the abuse, the mistreatment, and the power of love and forgiveness in his life, living as a black man in this country. It examines the union and struggles of two different people from two different ethnic groups, renouncing their cultural backgrounds and challenging the status quo that governed and influenced the blind society that they lived in. It highlights the agape type of love that they shared and how , in spite of the hatred and wrong doings toward them, could transcend and defy the unjust practices and principles that they faced each and every day of their lives. A love so zealous that made room for all the errant behavior they encountered while living together while black in America.