Lead Astray
Title : Lead Astray
Author : Kim Wells

[DOWNLOAD] Lead Astray

Newly weds, Kim and Alex, leave Florida excitedly chasing their dreams after Alex accepts an amazing job offer in Colorado. Little did the newlyweds know that a candle would be their demise. Kim immediately falls in love with Colorado. Spending her days volunteering and giving back to strangers through random gifts of kindness. Volunteering helps Kim battle the darkness she encounters whenever she steps inside her house. It’s not the large, beautiful house Kim hides from, but rather the man inside the house. Since the move, Kim has watched her semi-controlling husband slowly morph in to a different man full of resentment and vitriolic anger. As the months progress, Kim watches her freedom slowly disappearing as her slowly life alters. Finding her freedom slowly taken away Kim is no longer allowed to leave her house without Alex, or volunteer, or attend church. Her life becomes small as she finds herself trapped in a gilded cage. Kim left a wonderful life in Florida for the beautiful Colorado, false promises, and love. Has Kim been lead astray? Will her life be forever altered because she married and moved across the country for love despite her friends' warnings?