I Am Not Going to Let You Die!: 26 Strategies to Party Safely In College
Title : I Am Not Going to Let You Die!: 26 Strategies to Party Safely In College
Author : Marc Terry

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Learn how a simple book can help save lives, coming straight from the mouth of a survivor.Do you, your friends or your son or daughter ever think about potential dangers when out at a party? Most people would probably answer this question with a NO. As most people see this as a chance to let there hair down and rid themselves of life’s daily stresses with school, work and other responsibilities. Well in my opinion this is probably one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make when you think about potential danger and keeping you or your loved ones safe. Just put it into context, typically a party will have to some capacity a bunch of animated probably overly intoxicated individuals who are looking to satisfy there adrenaline thirst. This maybe at your expense if this person takes exception to anything they presume you as doing or not doing that may negatively affect there fun, even if it is not accurate. So what can we do if anything to avoid that?Introducing I Am Not Going To Let You Die! 26 Strategies To Party Safely in CollegeMarc Terry’s I Am Not Going To Let You Die will teach you how to continue to safely attend a party and have a great time but also give you some strategies on how to avoid potentially dangerous and life threatening encounters. You will get a step by step account of two situations I was a part of while at a party in college and how they turned out. This book will also give you basic tools or strategies that you should implement in order for you to party safely and not go through the trials and tribulations that I went through.Some Things You’ll Learn:The foundation of attending a party safely: This is informative for young adults as well as parents The importance of a Buddy System: Less likely to be victimizedDrinking BoundariesPromoting a positive environment amongst potential dangersDont fight fire with fireTrust your "six sense"And Much, Much More!I AM Not Going To Let You Die is an inspirational and affective book to put in your personal toolbox. You are getting strategies from someone who has been through this topic and has used the strategies first hand in order to ensure safety.If you are looking for a book that will give you quick and easy actionable advice then look no further. I wish I had a resource like this growing up because it may have helped me to not experience some of the issues that I did when dealing with unruly party or club scenes.SO LETS GET YOU STARTED, SCROLL TO THE TOP OF THE PAGE AND CLICK THE BUY BUTTON TO ENSURE SAFETY IN THE PARTY SETTING MOVING FORWARD!