You And the Law Of Attraction: How to Make It Work?
Title : You And the Law Of Attraction: How to Make It Work?
Author : David Isaac Ntimba

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This book titled “You And the Law Of Attraction: How to Make It Work?” is based on the findings of my research as well as my own knowledge and experience on the subject, acquired through exposure to readily available information on the subject of the Law Of Attraction. Who Will Benefit From this Book and How? This book is aimed at benefiting all the people irrespective of whether they are Christians or non-Christians. The fact that some chapters refer to religious quotations does not have to stop any non-religious person from learning a lot from this book. However, I can confidently say that the people who are primarily targeted through this book are all the religious people, like among others the Christians. It is confidently believed that this book will give any reader everything he/she will need to change his/her life from any current circumstance to the life situation and experience the reader desires, such as happiness, wealth, health, confidence, self-esteem, desired accomplishments and fulfillments, and the achievement of all desired goals. With this book, every reader especially Christians, will be coached on how to effectively apply the easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow steps of the formula which results in the effectiveness of the ‘Christian-way’ Law Of Attraction, and thereby eradicating the disturbing element of self-guilt which most Christians experience when they think of applying the Law Of Attraction in their lives as a Christians. After reading this book, every reader will know how to have absolute and permanent control over numerous other exciting principles of the Law Of Attraction that result in the achievement of the desired abundance. This book is written in clear, succinct, concise, everyday language which is straight to the point. No reader will hesitate to put this book to use in his/her life with immediate effect after reading it. This book will further demonstrate to every reader that he/she can be everything he/she has always dreamed, hoped, and imagined him/herself to be in life, no matter who he/she can currently be. After exposure to my book, every reader will start to appreciate and understand that he/she is in full charge and control of his/her life as the reader will know exactly how to attract more of what is desired and very little or none (at all) of what is not desired.