After Awareness: Advocating For Battered Women
Title : After Awareness: Advocating For Battered Women
Author : Jenna Brooks

[DOWNLOAD] After Awareness: Advocating For Battered Women

Count to nine. Another woman has been abused.And in the next twenty-four hours, three more women will die at the hands of an abuser.The domestic violence awareness campaigns worked. Everyone's aware. So what's the next step?You, getting involved.In spite of the decades spent bringing violence against women out of the shadows, this is a society that remains largely misinformed about the real dynamics of abuse. The bad information leads to the judgments and myths that often work against an abuse target's ability to reclaim her life. And the subsequent confusion over how to help keeps good people from getting involved.After Awareness is a handbook for community outreach, designed as a guide for those who want to help, but who don't know what to do. Whether you want to advocate for a friend or a family member, or start an action group, or you'd like to do your part to change the cultural conscience, After Awareness offers you practical advice on how to break your silence - for her sake.