Following the Growth Angel
Title : Following the Growth Angel
ISBN : 1523425105
Author : Frank Hawkins

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Using the metaphor of the angel of Eden, which invites us from one growth stage to the next, he traces their lives (and ours) through life’s five developmental stages—childhood (becoming an individual), adolescence (becoming an independent individual), young adulthood (choosing life’s basic identifications—marriage, singlehood, and vocation), middle age (achieving full maturity), and old age (simplification—or, slowing down without shutting down). Pat and Frank knew each other as children in Rock Hill, South Carolina, dated in high school, were married in 1957 (after college) and shared a ministerial career while raising four children. The book’s content is shaped and influenced by experiences in Louisville, Kentucky as Dr. Hawkins earned his Doctor of Ministry degree at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in the 1970’s (under his primary mentor, Dr. Wayne E. Oates). His niche audience is churches, church ministers (especially young ones), their families, and college and seminary communities. There is, however, a universal appeal from their journey, common to all, through the five stages of life!