Trust Me
Title : Trust Me
Author : Blake O'Connor


From the award-winning author of Unspoken Bond comes a poignant story of two people’s journeys to love and healing, and the extraordinary dog that inspired them both. Finally heading home to the ranch he inherited, Brendon McMahon has a lot on his mind. He’s tortured because he needs to tell complete stranger, Allison Hartley, that he was the one responsible for her husband’s death. As he is heading home, he saves a starving dog at a lonely rest stop. It’s a pivotal decision that will change not only his life, but others. Allison Hartley has finally made peace with the past, living through her own tragic events. She has built a new life with her son, and she now owns a successful local business. Staying busy fills her time, but not her heart. When she meets Brendon, her fluttering heart tells her he could be the one.As their love intensifies so does the secret that Brendon holds, causing old demons to surface – ones that Brendon thought he had extinguished. Will the secret tear them apart or will they be able to weather the firestorm coming their way? A richly textured story with emotion and unexpected twists, Trust Me is a reminder of how fragile and precious life is, how life is a journey filled with love and despair, and how true love can inspire the hero within all of us – even the four legged kind. OTHER AWARD-WINNING BOOKS BY BLAKE O'CONNOR:Unspoken BondMiracle on Wolf Hollow Lane