XQuery: Search Across a Variety of XML Data
Title : XQuery: Search Across a Variety of XML Data
ISBN : 1491915102
Author : Priscilla Walmsley

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The W3C XQuery 3.1 standard provides a tool to search, extract, and manipulate content, whether it's in XML, JSON or plain text. With this fully updated, in-depth tutorial, you’ll learn to program with this highly practical query language.Designed for query writers who have some knowledge of XML basics, but not necessarily advanced knowledge of XML-related technologies, this book is ideal as both a tutorial and a reference. You’ll find background information for namespaces, schemas, built-in types, and regular expressions that are relevant to writing XML queries.This second edition provides:A high-level overview and quick tour of XQueryNew chapters on higher-order functions, maps, arrays, and JSONA carefully paced tutorial that teaches XQuery without being bogged down by the detailsAdvanced concepts for taking advantage of modularity, namespaces, typing, and schemasGuidelines for working with specific types of data, such as numbers, strings, dates, URIs, maps and arraysXQuery’s implementation-specific features and its relationship to other standards including SQL and XSLTA complete alphabetical reference to the built-in functions, types, and error messages