The Irregular Ordination of Preacher Jim
Title : The Irregular Ordination of Preacher Jim
ISBN : 1681810832
Author : Al Latimer

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On a moonlit night in the summer of 1917 in a rural southwest Georgia town, a twelve-year-old Negro boy hears the senator’s wife cry for help. He fights her attacker and saves her life. From that point forward he enjoys limitless favors from the couple. Soon he is a harmonica-playing, juke-jointing, moonshining gambler, whose hot temper gets him into one fight after another. According to one prominent person in his life, he is on an unalterable course to the grave. He tunes out all the unsolicited advice he receives about dropping his bad habits. That is until the cold winds of trying circumstances and perplexing events force him to make some difficult decisions. At the crossroads of his introspection, he meets a young lady who helps him change the course of his life. He finally responds to the calling he has long ignored. When his brother is murdered by the Klan, the community holds its breath in anticipation of his seeking revenge. His restraint shocks everyone. His own visit from the night riders comes a short time later. The story of how he survived is truly remarkable. A former professional football player, Al played five seasons in the NFL. He and his wife live in the Orlando area near their three adult children. As a grade schooler Al spent summer breaks on his grandparents’ farm in Georgia. He cherishes his experiences of country life, which inspired him to write this book. Publisher’s website: