A Gangster Love Affair: Thugs, Thots & Screenshots 2
Title : A Gangster Love Affair: Thugs, Thots & Screenshots 2
Author : Necie Holland

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Charese Shaw felt on top of the world. After going through hell, she finally lands on her feet and starts to build a life with the man of her dreams. She has everything any woman could ever ask for, a sexy fiance, an adorable son, and a huge home complete with the white picket fence and two car garage to match. After leaving the only world she knew behind her, she looks for-ward to the future until her past suddenly comes back to haunt her. Just when things were start-ing to look up for her, she finds herself sucked right back into the lifestyle that she tried so des-perately to forget.Bryce Westland was always a lover and not a fighter. Charese Shaw brought out the beast in him. After falling madly in love with her, he was willing to do whatever it took to protect her. Bryce gets in over his head and suddenly, he wants out. Adapting an “every man for himself” attitude, he hightails it from Anderson, South Carolina and finds himself in the mean streets of Dade County; Miami, Florida. Thinking that he is running away from old problems, he soon realizes that trouble just seems to follow him wherever he goes. After hiding out in Florida and digging himself into an even deeper hole with each passing day, he finally decides to return to Anderson and reclaim what’s his, but is it too late?New thugs, new thots, new screenshots. A Gangster Love Affair: Thugs, Thots, and Screen-shots Two is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.