Dr. Forget-Me-Not (Matchmaking Mamas)
Title : Dr. Forget-Me-Not (Matchmaking Mamas)
ISBN : 373659385
Author : Marie Ferrarella

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DIAGNOSIS: TRUE LOVE! Filling the lives of orphaned kids with hope is what gives meaning to Melanie McAdams's own life. So what if she's a little lonely? That doesn't mean she's ready to fly into the arms of Mitchell Stewart, the shelter's handsome new volunteer. Or that her totally irrational attraction to the dedicated doctor means she's ready to put the pain of the past behind her. Everyone needs dreams, including the compassionate teacher who thinks staying single is a hedge against heartbreak. But Melanie can't deny the powerful chemistry not even science can explain. And with the help of some special matchmakers, Mitchell plans to take their we-won't-call-it-a-romance to the next level…which is beginning to look a lot like love.